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At JaMar, we can aid you in reducing your ecological footprint. Through the use of environmental  packaging materials,  and boxes made from recycled materials.


JaMar Packaging's commitment to our clients is to provide the best sustainable solutions; that deliver the performance you expect.  We can help you transition your current packaging to a more environmentally friendly packaging; including returnable packaging that can be used multiple times; or relying on suppliers who have a commitment to environmentally sound packaging.


Companies are looking for ways to reduce their footprint throughout the supply and production chain. Services like our JIT/KanBan and VMI programs offer environmental benefits. By eliminating overproduction, they reduce the amount of scrap, limit the raw materials used in production, and decrease the energy, emissions and waste that are byproducts of the production process. And with less floor space devoted to storing unused boxes, you will make a positive impact.  The less square footage you need, the less energy for heating, air-conditioning and lighting you’ll need.  These are profitable for both your bottom-line and the environment.


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