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JaMar’s consignment-stocking program, invoices supplies that are used.  There is no waste.


Whether your orders are inconsistent, the needs of customer’s change, or the fluctuation of seasons change demands, JaMar guarantees flexibility and immediate access to the boxes you need in a quick and effortless solution. With this pay-as-you-go program, your companies

cash-flow improves.  And free-flowing cash will make you more competitive. 


All of our services, begin by understanding your needs: With consignment, we coordinate with you to produce the custom boxes you need in bulk and store them at your site for immediate access. Use the boxes you need, and be billed as they are used. The packaging you need is at your site, and back up stock is kept at ours, just in case. Eliminate the guesswork, wasted time, money and meet demand, inquire about JaMar’s consignment-stocking program.


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