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Centered on preserving value with less work, lean manufacturing is a system of managed production so that waste is eliminated or reduced.  JaMar provides tools for strategizing and optimizing production flow through lean manufacturing and highlighting material waste ergonomics.


By identifying and eliminating waste, quality is improved while production time and cost are reduced. Through lean manufacturing, less resources and money will be wasted.  Like extra handling, unnecessary boxes, WIP (work-in-progress) inventory, and overproduction.


If you have too many unused boxes taking up space and you can’t use everything you have, allow JaMar to help you increase the efficiency of your warehouse with lean manufacturing. Using JaMar’s JIT/Kanban services, boxes will be provided to you based on actual demand—no more guesswork, overspending, obsolete stock, or lost floor space.  We come along side of our customers, helping with process and inventory improvements that will better serve their customers.  With our lean manufacturing tools, JaMar helps you quickly fulfill customer demand—a necessity in today’s market. 



With Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), JaMar monitors, maintains, and balances inventory so you don't run out of stock.   VMI reduces inventory in your warehouse and supply chain.  This program ensures the boxes you need will be available and ready for use when you need them. Now you can focus on your core processes and the needs of your customers while we handle your ordering and stocking needs.


Frequent visits from our staff to your location, helps JaMar maintain a current balance of your supplies.  Less time and money will be spent on managing your inventory.  This reduces the risk of over or under stocking your packaging needs.


JaMar immerses itself in your processes and learns the needs of your departments. This helps guarantee that your inventory stays a ahead of your customer demands.  Once we learn the expected demand from your production or warehouse staff, we’ll analyze your practices to determine your needs.  JaMar will manage the details and continually monitor your supply while ensuring each department is using the best boxes for their needs.  JaMar's VMI program, maintains inventory at your plant.


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